The column wheel – an elegance inside the chronograph

05th March 2021

Wristwatches and especially those with stopwatches, the so-called chronographs, have been an integral part of the Erwin Sattler collection for some time now. After the development and presentation of the extremely exclusive Classica Secunda chronograph (with its functions controlled by a single pusher in the centre of the crown, positioned between the two lower horns of the case), a classic two-pusher chronograph was launched one year later. Called the “Chronograph Classica Secunda II”, it contained a finely refined automatic movement with a so-called chronograph cam control. By way of explanation, the cam controls all possible functions in stopwatches. Movements with this constructional solution are generally considered to be extremely functional and reliable. Developed from the idea of simplified production with safe function, they can be found in most chronograph calibres today and enjoy an excellent reputation.