28th of October 2019

“What you can’t buy, you simply have to do it yourself”, was Heinrich Sattlers motto. Erwin Sattlers grandfather was horologist and patented on the 4th of March 1903 a desk or shelf clock with perpetual calendar.

About 60 years after Heinrich Sattler’s invention, in 1958, founded his grandson Erwin Sattler (meanwhile also a horologist) his own clockmaking manufactory in Gräfelfing near Munich. At that time he placed great value on the finest workmanship, highest precision and timeless aesthetics, all values ​​that are still on top of the performances of the manufactory. In the style of that time, the high-quality wall- and table clock cases were carved and gilded by hand. Viola Sattler, Erwin Sattlers wife and artist in the family, painted different models by hand and created detailed individual pieces.


1989 entered Stephanie Sattler, one of Erwin Sattlers three daughters, the company. As economist she is leading since then the buying and sales as also the business management part of the company.

Since 1992 a transformation from a clock-company to a clock-manufactory took place. The goal was to create an own clock-movement production in order to work as independent as possible. A production depth of over 90 percent was already achieved by 2002. The consequence is a wide range of customizations and variants of the lovely crafted clocks and precision watch winders.

As well in 2002, Erwin Sattler decided to retire and gave the lead to his daughter Stephanie Sattler-Rick and to the watchmaker Richard Müller, who was first as a sales representative and later as a limited partner in the company.

With the idea to offer precision pendulum clocks as kits that get assembled by the customer himself, the manufactory opened a completely new, unimaginable way. The success of Mueller & Sattler Uhrenbausatz GmbH, justifies the second generation of company owners to have taken this risk.

2006 marked a milestone in the history of the manufactory – the move to its own, larger company building, which is also located in Gräfelfing near Munich. Here, the machinery could be expanded according to the increased demands. Also the number of employed clockmakers increased, so that they found in the brighter and more spacious building better working conditions. A special highlight of the new manufactory building is the facade, where the largest precision pendulum clock in the world is swinging with a pendulum length of almost eight meters!

With diligence and wit of all those involved, the clock manufactory Erwin Sattler has developed over the years to a modern clock brand that combines the latest manufacturing technologies with centuries-old craft. The results are wonderful home furnishings and precision instruments, that are the eyecatcher of any room and can be proudly passed by their owner to the next generation.

The quality seal “Made in Germany” is not only used with self-confidence, but also lived to the smallest detail!