Precision Pendulum Clocks

In 1820, a group of French scientists defined the “secunda diminutiva pars”, i.e. the “second diminished part” of an hour, as 1/86.400 of a mean solar day. One second is, first and foremost, one valuable moment of our lives, and the continual passing of these moments is a joy to behold on any Erwin Sattler clock. However, our precision pendulum clocks are not only beautiful; they are also extremely accurate. Because we apply the utmost care and use only the very best materials to produce our exclusive creations, the length of one pendulum swing will deviate only minimally from the latest caesium time standards over the course of months and years. This is demonstrated perfectly by one particular Erwin Sattler pendulum clock that stands side by side with the famous historical timekeeping instruments in Munich’s Deutsches Museum. The Erwin Sattler clock-making manufacture has one goal: to achieve aesthetic and mechanical perfection.